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Research Study for
Sciatica with Leg Pain
from a Herniated Disc

Are you suffering from sciatica or leg pain from a herniated disc?
Explore a nonsteroidal, non-opioid option other than surgery!
Consider The Discovery 6603 Study!

illustration of nervous system and a herniated disc

If a herniated lumbar disc is causing your leg pain in a single leg, consider joining this clinical research study, The Discovery 6603!

A non-steroidal, non-opioidal investigational study medication, already approved for use in Japan [Hernicore®], for those with sciatica or leg pain from a herniated lumbar disc is now being evaluated in a clinical research study in the United States, The Discovery 6603 Study. The study drug, SI-6603, is an investigational drug in the United States and is not yet approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

The study treatment is a single injection. The study will evaluate how successful that single injection of study medication is in the reduction of nerve compression by reducing disc pressure and volume of the herniation, potentially resulting in less leg pain, less lower back pain, and/or improving numbness. The Discovery 6603 Study offers another option for leg pain due to a herniated lumbar disc.

Please consider this study if you are someone who has not responded to other treatments and who might be a candidate for surgery.

Approximately, 40 doctors across the United States will participate in this study, enrolling approximately 320 people. If you qualify, you will receive a single injection of the investigational drug (or a control) at no charge to you. One out of two participants will receive the active study drug. Other pain medications may be available if needed. Study involvement will last approximately 12 months and includes up to 11 study visits. You may be compensated for your time and travel.


Qualified participants will receive at no cost:

  • •   Investigational study medication
  • •   Study related procedures
  • •   Study related MRI and X-Ray

To see if you qualify call 877.770.1411